Starting Your FBA Business with Zero Cash

Stuff To Sell Via FBA

(or Beer Cans or Bust – Get started in the next 15 minutes)


This course is the one that got me going. It has a lifetime money back guarantee. 

Would you like to start a home business that not only you but your significant other, your children, your family and neighbors, and even total strangers will help you with starting in the next the next ten minutes – one that leverages the massive power of Amazon?

If so, then read on. If not keep the couch warm.

What Fulfillment By Amazon Is NOT

Starting an FBA (fulfillment by Amazon) is the easiest business I’ve ever started but if you go on the Amazon FBA forum or hang out in some of the groups you’d think it was rocket science. It’s not. First, the majority of people out there still think that Amazon=books. And the majority of sellers are sitting at home with a pile of books waiting for someone to buy them cheap and then they go down and mail them out.

FBA is not that and yes it takes a little money to get started. But if you read my last post about the yard sales you’ll realize that there’s not many options out there where you can spend two hours Saturday morning and turn $9 into $120 profit. Now to be fair I may not see that $120 for several months but guess how long it would take $9 to turn into $20 at the bank these days. About 120 years.

The whole premise behind FBA and why it works so well is because you are competing with a tiny group of folks that understand the game and making what you offer is made available to countless millions of folks. For instance the first item I sold was a tiny car ionizer that had horrible reviews on Amazon for $17.95. It was sitting in a box in my garage.

How To Start In The Next Ten Minutes

Amazon Price CheckThis brings me to how to start in the next ten minutes…

Important Update: 7/23/2015 – This article references the Amazon Price Checker app. The current smart phone app is called Amazon Seller.

1. First, download the Amazon price checker on your smart phone. No smart phone, start making calls until you find a friend or family member that does and borrow it for an hour. Tell them you are starting an online FBA home business and will be making a few hundred bucks extra a month. That should get somebody’s sympathy or interest. Shoot have them over and feed them and have them do the scanning for you if they aren’t comfortable with you handling their phone.

2. With app loaded (Amazon price checker) start going through your house and start scanning anything you can sell that has a UPC code on it. On Amazon price checker you will see three options but there are four. The fourth is to just type in the UPC or the name of the item and I have found this to be the most accurate. It may seem a bit cumbersome but in just starting out I have still found I can scan or type in 20 or 30 items an hour.

3. Once the item comes up you can hit the ‘free shipping’ box and instantly see what the competition is and make a decision whether you want to send the item in. Amazon is going to charge you about a third of the value that comes up so when you get started the only question is this: how much is shipping going to cost me? This item was laying around my garage. I went to a race and someone gave it to me and it’s been sitting around for 10 years.

Yes, you have to pay for shipping and you must attach your FBA account to a credit/debit card. So did I lie in my title. No, and now the story actually begins of how to start with nothing more than a little energy.

How To Start With Nothing More Than A Little Energy

Yesterday, my Jack Russell Terrier, Skipper and I took our daily walk in the desert.

I was a bit startled to see a ton of pickups and a bunch of guys partying. This morning when we took our walk I saw they had made a mess. Since my doctor told me to lose weight I decided to clean up and pick up what seemed like countless aluminum cans. About 280 cans later I weighed them and at 55 cents a pound I have about $8.

Eight bucks will pay to send about 10lbs of merchandise to most warehouses from most locations. Of course, this is just one example of how to do a little creative thinking to generate a little bit of extra cash to get started. I’m sure you can think of plenty of other ways using this example.

Why Not Start Your Home Based FBA Business Now?

So there you have it. Start your home based FBA business now. Yes, right now, get up off the couch, turn off the T.V. and get busy. In a month your office can be piled up like mine.

Now for my shameless plug. I would NOT be where I’m if I had studied Jim Cockburn’s Proven Amazon Course and particularly this year’s (2012) version that covers Chris Green’s Retail Arbitrage. Stay tuned. The main reason I wanted to do this post was to let you know there are really no excuses that you can come up with NOT to start a successful FBA home based business today.